Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Elbow Room

The jars in my post a few days back are now sitting on the shelf drying. It's always interesting the extent to which the shape of pots can change during the drying process. Many's the time I'll experiment with a new shape, arrive at something I'm happy with, only to return to the shop the next morning disappointed in what I thought was a great shape. But then, or course, in a few days when the drying process is complete, the initial, pleasing shape returns again when the distortion caused by uneven drying has finally ended.

I've spent the better part of the past two days assembling a desk unit so that I can finally move the office out of the shop and back into the house. In those panoramas I've shown of my shop, I've only ever shown about a 270 degree view. I've always cut the office part of the shop out of the pictures.

Well, by moving the office back into the house, we gain about 160 square feet in the shop. That may not sound like a lot, but it will allow me to expand one of my glazing stations and, more important, finally give me enough room to bring my other pug mill into the shop.


  1. we find ourselves ever shifting from the house to the studio and just when I thought no more in the house along comes Etsy- hummmmmm now we have to have a photo cube, a place for those pots to sit and... and... well gaining space in the studio is better then too much space in the house.
    It might just hold off the family - oh- no no room here too much pottery!

  2. Cooking,

    That's exactly what started to happen with me, re:etsy. I had to find some room for a more permanent photo studio. The only place left was in the house. We have an old attic space that was converted to a huge 15X25 bedroom that we converted to a family room.

    Now I am taking back that family room. I have the photo studio in one end with pots all over the floor. I need to get rid of the couch and loveseat that are there and, instead, set up six foot tables around the perimeter -- make it into a utility/craft room.

    Wanna buy a couch and loveseat? Heh.