Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Eleven years ago, on the coldest night of the year, a tiny grey kitten slipped under a white picket fence, sneaked up to the house, and stole into the hearts and lives of the two people living there.

Tonight, on the coldest night of this year, a considerably larger grey cat slipped beneath a different fence.

“Well, hello little fellow.”


“Come on in. I’ve been expecting you."


“I knew you were coming. I fixed you some fresh fish. It’s on that plate there. I caught it myself. It’s what I do, you know?”


“That’s some really fine work you did back there. No cat has ever made two people laugh, or love, or feel as you did for John and Dar back there.”



“Will John and Dar be okay?”

“No. No, they won’t. At least, not for a good long while. But you did what you were supposed to do. And you did it exceptionally well. You were just exactly what they needed, just exactly when they needed it.”

“Mmmm. This is really good fish.”

“Enjoy it. There’s always more.”

Saturday, December 7, 2013


He closed the big door, he turned out the lights
Even the one peeking up through the floor.
And from this tiny world he declared (In dark of night)
“Nothing surprises me anymore”

“I don't like that”, “See? ... that there’s not right”
“That’s something I just don’t care for”
“I can’t and I won’t”, “That’s not worth the fight”
“Nothing surprises me anymore”

Then she came along and flung the door wide
To toil and sweat to win dreams
To one foot in front of the first one tried
The surprise days of working redeems