Friday, March 4, 2011


My last few posts have been a teensy bit wordy and not very pictury. I will try to rectify that with this post. This'll be mostly pictures with a few explanatory grunts in between...

I uploaded some of yesterday's firing onto my Etsy page this morning. The above bowl -- a fifteen-incher in my Millring Green glaze with a subtle rim and equally quiet swirl.

A pitcher and a small casserole in my blue slip under yellow glaze combination.

This is the pitcher I blogged about here and here and with which I created these videos...

This is the pine cone casserole in porcelain with an amber celadon glaze.

Here's some progress with the guitar slides -- the first three fired yesterday.

I had this casserole with a crack in it laying around. I wanted to see how the "Yellow Salt" glaze would break over texture. This glaze has some possibilities. I won't use it as it is on the casserole, but be looking for some new pots to show up with that glaze as the basis (I gots some good ideas!).


  1. Stumpy Peeps ( a former picker)March 4, 2011 at 3:44 PM

    I always enjoy your posts,long or short,and I find them more intersting than a few pictures of "my latest bisque firing" or "here's my daughter making yet another wacky face."
    I'd rather see and read about your beautiful dogs and pots than wade through another recipe post.
    For my money, you, John Tilton, Dan Finnegan, Tony Clennell, and a few others have a good ratio of pottery to nonpottery posts.
    Keep up the great work, and much success to you!

  2. REALLY like that yellow glaze.

  3. Hey John,
    Thanks for posting the pic of the casserole in Amber Celadon.
    Scott in Des Moines

  4. good to see new ideas flowing

  5. Beautiful glazes all of them , but I am a sucker for a great amber celedon. The yellow salt looks very much like the tests we did recently at ^6. Yellow salt is such a happy glaze, not fussy at all and everyone seems to love it.

  6. thanks for your post of the video showing your throwing of the pitcher! just what I needed to get focused for throwing again, myself, after 2 months of decorating....

  7. Thanks for the kind words, Stumpy. Can anyone EVER be a "former picker"?

    Tracey, One thing I found sort of remarkable about that yellow glaze is how forgiving it seems to be. Even after I screened it THREE times through the finest mesh, it still was lumpy, and applied in a mess. But all that evened out in the firing. I could use a little stability like that in my life. I'm planning on making some more amorphous test pieces to try that glaze on in a totally different way. I think it will be an important part of this year's autumn pottery.

    Ann, So nice to see your name here. I notice that you're now blogging. I'll be following your blog. Your newest work is, as usual, wonderful.