Monday, June 20, 2011

Doors, Walls, Signs etc.

When you find a door closed, perhaps you'll find an open window.

But if the window is closed too, maybe you can see if there's one of those dog doors left carelessly open. And if you're small of hip and shoulder and don't mind crawling on your knees, it would do fine.

Otherwise, there's the mail slot. Maybe. I grew up in a house that didn't have one. And the mailbox really wouldn't serve the same purpose, being as it is, both away from the house and out by the street.

But the mail slot has it's impractical side as well. The most you could hope to slip through a mail slot is your hand. And your hand couldn't even look around on the inside if you are outside wanting in, nor outside if you are inside wanting out. Unless perhaps you have one of those lucite flexible periscope type jobbies that would allow you to look in or out through a mail slot. But ultimately even that would be sort of cosmically cruel. A tease. You could see where you cannot go. Yet.

So you look around yet again.

Chimney? It works fine for Santa. But if legend is to be believed, the guy's an elf. There's that size
/mail slot thing again. And here even the lucite periscope thing isn't long enough to tease a view from the roof.

Maybe time to go back to the door. Try the knob this time. See if the door's unlocked.


  1. It's unlocked,come on in.
    Cup of tea?

  2. Love the new mugs. Hope you have been well.

  3. sometimes a door seems locked until we're ready to use it

  4. cooking, do you have any beer-flavored tea? Ice cold?

    Anonymous, The mug is a glaze combo that I hope to make a regular around here. I've got some bowls and jars drying in the shop to be glaze that way. I'm that low-key Midwestern way of mine.

    gz, the door seems locked when I need to make a quick exit.

    Dan, I can probably shape-shift and shimmy my way through the keyhole, but just.

  5. your post reminded me about a mail slot that was installed in the back door of the office i used to work at... it was to be used as an after hours document drop off. when my boss showed it to me i said "great, now if i forget my key i can still get into the office". he was surprised to find out that i could slip my hand through the slot, reach the door knob and unlock it!

  6. Life has just locked one door firmly for me.
    Now I need to discover another, perhaps even one that has been there all along.

  7. admitting to resorting to the dog door on more than one occasion