Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Moon

The moon is out tonight.

I know it is. It’s part of my kiln-checking ritual. On my way from shop to kiln building, I look up through the winter branches of my shop’s maple umbrella to check.

It’s there.

But even if I hadn’t checked, I’d have known. I didn’t get my back door closed in time. He followed me into the shop.

He’s been good company these past four hours. He and I relate.

Like the moon’s light I’ll shine
Many a time
But like the sun’s?
Maybe once

Darvin taught Karl taught Doug taught me. And somebody before Darvin taught him. Reflected light passed down, even if but the smallest crescent is evident. And there’s Richard and Tim and Jim and Mike and Michael and John a whole host of other lights reflecting my way. You see them too when you look at my pots.

Like the moon’s light I may shine
Many a time
But like the sun’s?
Maybe once

And then there’re the women potters I don’t know on a first name basis, but whose work inspires me even more. Ms Shankin, Ms Hamlyn, Ms Jefferson, Ms Davis-Woodard.

Like the moon’s light.

It’s 1964
It’s the folded-down back seat of the ’61 Ford Falcon

Jackie and I are lying on our backs and looking up through the station wagon’s rear window as our family makes its way up to Canada for summer vacation.
Geoff and Barry are in the middle seat
Little Jimmy is asleep in the front, his feet in Dad’s lap, his head on mom’s.
And Jackie and I are watching the moon follow us.
It neither passes nor falls back. It just follows.
It flies right through the tree branches as we speed along beneath them.

Oh Mister Moon, Moon, Mister Silvery Moon
Won’t you please shine down on me?

We sing. Mom taught us years ago, and we sing.

Like the moon’s light.


  1. This is lovely. Thank you. And I am lately the type to pray, and will remember.

  2. Toes crossed and sending positive thoughts your way that you and yours and the pottery will make it through.

    Remember Jennifer Hudson I Will Survive

  3. Let me paint one of those beautiful jars! OK, maybe I should just try to make one! Good luck, dude. wishing on the moon.

  4. Thanks to all of you for your wishes.

    Michael, I'd love to collaborate on a piece or two with you! (or, as my nephew says "clobberate")

  5. Hoping all goes well. The moon looked good from New Zealand too
    Blessings Be.