Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

I just got back from the Fort Worth "Main Street Art Festival" where I was greeted on Saturday by a nice couple who said, "We bought several pieces from you the last time you were here and we've been looking for you each year since."

It's flattering and rewarding to be remembered, and to have my pots grace the homes and lives of so many people.

This year after the festival the couple sent along some images of my pottery in their house.

The first is a close-up. The second shows that they live with cats. That's okay too. I can always make more pottery  !


  1. how wonderful John, hope you let them know about your etsy site.

  2. Maybe that dog keeps them in line!

    Yes, I think about a lot of folks I want to meet again, and again!

  3. And someday, John, I am looking forward to meeting you for the first time! Until then, I do enjoy the pots I have that you made!