Friday, July 7, 2017

Storm Suite

A beautiful, big, black storm has just rolled into town. At first I watched in awe and fascination out the back door of my shop as the darkness coming from the west completely overtook the light of morning. It's now an anachronistic midnight outside.

I can't concentrate on work with all that wonderful drama going on outside so I walked back over to the front door -- away from the windward side that would blow the now considerable rain into the shop -- and stuck my head out the door and watched.

But as I opened the door to watch....incredible. A redbird is out there in the midst of the bluster, and he's singing. He's singing his heart out. Beautiful.

So now here I sit at my desk with the window beside me thrown wide open. I'm listening to a most unique storm suite -- a natural symphony -- the sound of rain ripping through leaves, thunder rolling a bass line and irregular rhythm section, and a redbird carrying the incongruously cheerful melody line throughout.

And now it's tapering as the thunder rolls into the distance. The rain has dropped from its crashing crescendo to a quiet, steady waterfall....but on and on the redbird sings.

It's better than television.

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