Thursday, October 5, 2017

There But For Fortune

Crisis of Faith.

The restaurant put three fortune cookies in my carry-out last night. They knew full well that there were only two dinners in there, but they cavalierly threw in three fortune cookies.

Like it doesn't matter?

I'm beginning to question the ordination process by which restaurants are commissioned to dispense fortunes in the first place. 

 It's like having sat down with the Oracle of Delphi and hashing out your future for an hour or two....and just as you're walking out the door, confident in your future, she says, "Or....."

Really, it makes me wonder. They made it seem -- with one careless act on a busy night at the Great Wall restaurant -- as though one fortune is as good as another. As if they could that simply dispense multiple probabilities to define my future? 

How would that work?

"You will be coming into a great inheritance" coupled with "you will be happy in your work"? What if one had said I'd be meeting a blonde and the other a brunette?

Like one wouldn't, like, totally cancel out the other?

We have to teach children very early on that just because one is good doesn't mean that two, three, or one hundred is better. If we didn't teach them that principle, our hospital emergency rooms would be inundated with children overdosed on Flintstones vitamins.

They weren't, therefore, doing me any favors by tossing in an extra fortune. They were crushing my faith in the entire religion. How am I to ever again find direction for my life if just any old fortune will do?

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  1. "You will be going to pot"

    Beauty in the eye of the beholder . . .