Wednesday, June 24, 2009


"I see disguise as the art of illusion. It's a clever stretching of perspective. Maybe a creative use of color. Suddenly, what was there is gone. Or maybe what was phantom appears.

I've been known to be in a room with a group of co-workers, leave the room, and return wearing a pair of horn-rim glasses. Not a single person (with whom I have just been conversing!) will recognize me.

Just the other day I accidentally wore my cufflinks with the "S" in an upsidedown triangle. A co-worker, Lois, noticed the cufflinks, and made note of the fact that they did not match my initials, saying, "Your name doesn't have an "S" in it!".

I said, "That's not an upside-down triangle. That's a "delta".

Lois looked confused for a moment, but walked away satisfied.

Disguises: They're all about the illusion." --Clark Kent

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