Friday, November 27, 2009

Snowmen Delivered To Etsy Site

Yukon Sledcat Moose (Indian name" "Dances With Polar Bears") has delivered the year's first snowmen...

Frosty the Snowman
Was a jolly, happy soul
With a corn cob pipe
And a butto….

…hey, wait just a doggone minute…

…it looks like we have an impostor! Not only does he NOT have a button nose (his nose is made of terra cotta, and looks just like a carrot), his eyes are not made out of coal.

In fact, nothing on this snowman is made out of coal. He’s made entirely of clay. Or, I should say, “clayS” – Because the charm of this little man is that I make him from many different colored clays. He has a stoneware body, a different, darker stoneware hat, and a yet different stoneware scarf. And that scarf is itself a blend of colored porcelains and raw stonewares -- feathered together to make the intricate and interesting pattern.

And buttons? …NOT his nose, but his eyes and up his vest, are just little bits of clay that I’ve rolled between my thumb and finger, pressed into place, and then poked with a needle tool to make the appearance of “thread holes”. If you look closely, you can tell that’s how I make them because those buttons will sometimes crack around their edges when I press them into place. That cracking often gives the appearance of a twinkle in the cold man’s eye.

These snowmen are about 11” tall – same as a Ken doll, but without Ken’s awful looking cap of plastic hair.

If you buy this fellow, I will have my sled dogs (Ariel and Breeze – Alaskan Malamutes) rush them to your house!

…okay, Ariel and Breeze nixed the dog sled delivery promise. But UPS assures me that they will come through for us and deliver the snowman WITH NO SHIPPING CHARGE TO YOU!


  1. Will you be selling these on Etsy? If so, when will you start listing them?

  2. ...what a fUn COLLECT these...EVERY YEAR...!!!

  3. I'm going to hold you to having Ariel and Breeze bring Frosty over! Kina would love to have some help pulling the sled this year!

    Love you guys!