Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breeze Speaks Out About Slow Days

I, Breeze, have not pilfered John Bauman's computer, password, and blog in a very long time. Especially as marked in dog months. But I am bored today because John is just too darn busy with kilns and wheels and clay and...well....lots of stuff about which I could care less and stuff.

So, here I sit at the computer. I've already played, like, a dozen games of hearts. What's the big deal and stuff?

I play, I win. I play, I win again.

So, in my TOTAL restless boredom, I start going through John Bauman's image files and stuff. Holycowhasjohngotlotsofpicturesofpots!! But he also has lots of pictures of I and Ariel. And in my perusitudinous pursuit, I came across this fearsome visage...

...and it occurred to me that I need to explain myself. Looks notwithstanding, I am a most gentlest of dogs.

I am, like, eighty pounds of ultra soft sponge, soaked in love and good humor. Squeeze me out and I ooze good will and warm feelings. Like a good Barry Manilow song.

...not that Copa Cabana song. That wouldn't work. More like Weekend in New England. But not Mandy. That one was mildly treacly. heh.

oh! I've got it...

not Manilow. Fogleberg! That one about fishes in the oceans and stuff.

Can you imagine if that song collided with Horse With No Name? Drug induced nihilism meets the second coming of boop boop diddum daddum waddum choo. Fishes in the ocean meets plants and birds and rocks and.....wait for it...


Anyways, I'm just an ol' lover. Like those little magnet toys -- the Scotty and the Wheatland terrier -- when their magnetic polarity lines up right they attract each other and then, presumably make boutique mutts and call them, what? ...


So, in short, fearsome visage aside, I am TOTALLY friendly. I can also be bought with moderately large amounts of beef.

I guess I really didn't have much to blog about today. Like John. On his good days. Heh.

* * *


  1. Oh stop Breeze or Morgan will want a pair of shorts too. Some can wear shorts and some can't. Life is a bitch.

    If you're really lucky!!! *giggle*