Friday, September 3, 2010


"I b'leev I kin fix that'n fer ya mister." Ed said as he discreetly used his tongue to tuck his chaw back between tooth and gum. "Let's jis bring'er inta the shop here and git'er up on th' lift and git a look under her soundhole."

"Ed, I'm so glad you are still around" said Mr Braun. "These are such impersonal times with mega-guitar shops selling self-service strings and things. Why, I remember when I was a kid. Back then there was a guitar shop like yours on every corner with a respectful fellow like yourself – all decked out in your uniform and bow tie, topped off with that dapper cap. Why, back then I remember my dad would bring in a guitar and someone would change the strings, check the tuning and even polish his guitar – all the while free with a smile and a respectful "yessir" and "no sir". Times sure have changed."

"Yessir" replied Ed.

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