Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The US Post Office changed from three-letter (Fla) to two-letter official State abbreviations, and suddenly Freddy "Boom-Boom" Cannon's once ageless masterpiece "Tallahassee Lassie" is a dated bit of oldie-ness, the song's heroine now and forever stuck down in EFF-ELL-AY.

Well, I just got in from EFF-ELL-AY. I wasn't sure I was going to make it -- at least not easily. I had a tire blowout on the way down to Florida, and weather concerns on the way up. Just a couple of counties over from here, they have 2 feet of snow on the ground, and more than that where the snow's drifted. But as I drove up through the center of the State last night, the roads only got better further and further north.

I spent the past weekend in the Tampa Bay area as one of the guest potters at the "Tour De Clay". My gracious hosts for the weekend were Glenn and Keith "
The Pottery Boys" Glenn Woods is a talented, hard-working potter who is just a touch passionate about crystaline glazes. It was an interesting world for this functional potter to step into for a few days.

Because I was part of the tour, and because of the distance between the participating studios, I didn't get to any of the other venues. I did enjoy catching up with a few potters with whom I've done a number of shows up in the midwest --
Ira Burhans and Peter Streit. I also had the pleasure of meeting Danny Meisinger. I'd done a few shows with Danny in the past, but we never got around to meeting while at those shows. Danny is known for his monumental-sized pieces and he's been conducting workshops around the country, in addition to the few art fairs he still manages to schedule. I'd highly recommend taking in a workshop, if not at least stopping by his booth at an art fair. Not only is the pottery a wonder to behold, but he's an extremely winsome soul.

Adding to the weekend's fun: I met fellow blogger (and now Etsy-seller), Linda Starr. It was a pleasant surprise -- she didn't know I was part of the tour, and I didn't realize she was in Florida. We talked for quite a while -- pots and Etsy, Etsy and pots. She's obviously another pottery zealot. Heh.

Today as I recovered from the travels, I spent time uploading some pottery to my etsy site:

This is the very pitcher about which I blogged
here and here. Just as an aside, this is one reason I enjoy my relatively small gas kilns -- I like the fact that I can see a pot finished relatively quickly. I can see the finished product while the inspiration for the direction I took with that pot is still fresh in my mind. That's no small advantage in successfully executing rapidly evolving pottery ideas.

In the Winter, I often put these bowls in hotter firings. I get a bit more contrast -- more inky black edges and lines -- and the waterfalls of rutile gold travel a bit further, pushing an almost bluish hue ahead of them.

I also had one more of these pinecone-topped casseroles. They are prototypes of things to come, but I was exceptionally happy with the way they came out, sporting this caramel-colored celadon glaze that highlights every last detail of the intricate pinecone and pine bough decoration.

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  1. Hi John, I feel like we're old buds now, that bowl is delicious, glad you made it home ok. I haven't actually opened my shop yet, still have to do the banner and get paypal, but I'll be there soon.