Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In a real rarity for me, I made some mugs. I love making mugs but rarely have the time to get around to doing it. I'm in the "don't-reinvent-the-wheel" camp of mug making. I like simple elegance and I like to drink out of basic cylinders.

We potters like to get creative with mugs shapes, but if you really forced most of us to 'fess up, we'd have to admit that there are few hot drink pleasures so universal as drinking from one of those institutional white diner mugs. You know the ones? ...those fat rimmed porcelanous white cups that held exactly 11 oz (the perfect mix, it turns out, for a teaspoon of sugar in coffee).

Well, I'll admit that that perfect shape was at least in the back of my mind when I started thinking about these mugs. I just added a little lift from the counter for a lighter, more elegant appearance, and a trimmed foot beneath that ever-so-slight curve of the mostly cylindrical sides.

Next up?



  1. I'll agree that basic cylinders are good mug shapes, but I would much rather drink out of the Mark Shapiro cylindrical mug that I am using as I write this than the white diner mugs.

  2. Oh No! We may have to buy MUGS, TOO!! I can just TELL from the pix, that these mugs would fit us well. We are total mug snobs - most especially handle-snobs - and you clearly have it right. And delicious, too. Thank you for your beautiful work!

  3. Thanks, Amy!

    I'm planning on making more mugs soon. I'm thinking that if I can swing guitar week next summer, I'll bring along a couple of cat-o-lanterns -- one for you and Al and one for you to auction off for your animal shelter (I'm past president of the local Humane Society).

  4. Great post between Dan and you! Rounded vs. Straight sides....