Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heidegger, Heidegger Was A Boozy Begger

Honey, this stuff is VALUABLE, I tell you.

All of it?

Oh, absolutely.

Even that weird little vase with the Yoda ears?

Those aren’t “Yoda ears”. And it’s not a vase.

Oh. Good. Now I don’t feel so bad for never having taken it out of the basement to display flowers in. But, yes, those really are Yoda ears. What else could they be?

They’re abstractions, like elements of a totem signifying man’s essential strug….wait. You’ve changed the subject. That doesn’t matter. It’s valuable. ALL this stuff is valuable.

All of it?

Yes, all of it.

You’ve got , like a THOUSAND pieces down here in the basement. Are we talking, like, art museum valuable, or are we talking like “…I’ll give you 50 cents for that thing with the Yoda ears, ma’m...”, garage-sale valuable?

…and I’d have to say, “museum valuable”.

Well, idn’t lotsa stuff that goes to a museum sorta, you know, donated to it?

What’s your point?

So, what you’re saying is that it may be valuable if I give it away?

No. You’re putting words in my mouth. It’s very, very valuable even as it is.

So we could sell it tomorrow and be rich?

I’m no charlatan. I have my standards where buyers are concerned, and I’m not going to abandon those standards just to make a quick buck.

Yeah, but, like….we could TOTALLY redo the kitchen, vacation in France….dress like we actually know not to wear plaids and stripes together?

Look, these thousands of pieces’ value transcends mere monetary worth. This is art that bespeaks a generation’s communication with and about itself. Some day some future generation is going to want to discover this record of such transcendent communication, such erudite intercourse, such insight into the current condition of man.

But nobody – none of your contemporaries –are seeing this stuff now, right? Nobody’s on the receiving end of these erudite insights and stuff, are they? …I mean, besides Eddie who goes down to the basement with you to drink beer and watch football in your man cave, right?

Well, maybe the world isn’t ready for this art yet. Maybe our grandchildren’s generation will see the value therein.

So, then it’s really not a communication with the current world? ….maybe not so valuable in today’s market.

Market, schmarket! I am an ARTIST. Artists don’t operate under that bourgeois, artificial construct of “market” and “supply and demand”. We have our own, far superior construct, handed down in an unbroken line from the days of the Medici, to the Academy, and on still further to today’s University, Museum and Gallery world, wherein the cultural elite recognize the most valuable artists working at the time, and pay those artists so that they don’t have to produce work in order to make a living.

So, like, are these Medici guys ever going to come and clean out the damn basement?

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