Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In My Van I'm Going To Carolina...Again

This time SOUTH Carolina. Next week I'll be heading to Greenville, SC for the Artisphere International Art Festival. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, there are bunches of pots to get finished and glazed...

by the way, I made a few little brothers for the big jar I made last week

With bag after bag of white and gray powder, opening a bag of yellow ochre is a feast for the eyes.
Been pretty busy, and other than morning runs, Breeze isn't getting as much play time from pop. He has a way of showing his feelings. I comforted Breeze, telling him it could always be worse...


  1. I see that color and think curry!
    Maybe we will meet on one of your NC trips.

  2. I'd LOVE to finally meet up. I was planning on a NC tour last fall when I was down at Dillsboro, but chickened out at the last minute and rushed home to make more pots for the holiday rush.

    David Fernandez is an acquaintance with whom I've been doing art fairs for over twenty years. He's invited me down there whenever.

    Across the State I keep saying I'm going to visit Turner, and I'd like to see the Parmentier's place as well.

    There's just so many places in NC I'd like to see!