Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Luminaries

Like the moon's light

We may shine many a time
But light like the sun's?
...maybe once.


  1. I said good golly Ms. Molly you sure know how to rock and roll! Those are just Fab!

  2. Every time I look at these I feel I should be writing in haiku. For now I'll just say they feel like the moon come to earth.

  3. Thanks for that, smartcat! (and thanks for the other comments, friends). I'm going to work tonight at writing new descriptions for the luminary/lanterns I have left on Etsy. The "moon come to earth" is a great and inspirational start.

  4. It was a really cool moment to see that you quoted me in your Etsy descriptions. :-D Thanks

  5. Well, it was a great line and it made for a much better description on the Etsy site! Thanks for that.