Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Very Un-Clobbered

I was laughing right out loud. And I was doing so before the internet ever even invented LOL-ing. I was paging through the immensely huge "The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques" by Frank Hamer. I came upon a listing for "Clobbering". It's a term for over-embellishing pottery in a (vain) attempt to add value to it.


I love it.

Well, here's my TOTALLY UN-clobbered mug. It is nothing but simplicity, shape, glow, and function. Inspired in form by my love for the paintings of Bruegel the Elder -- paintings of taverns, dances, weddings, and gatherings -- all with contemporary pottery candidly captured throughout the paintings. And it was all pottery that was so compelling in form, I wanted to reach into the paintings and pull them out and hold them.

This mug is hand-thrown with high-fired porcelain. Additionally, it is glazed in my Millring Red glaze and sprayed with a light glow of golden rutile -- enhancing the more than ample globe shape that holds a generous 14 ounces of hot or cold liquid.


  1. Can't believe there are so many potters still unloading kilns! Puts me to shame, I tell you!! and everyone is pulling out beautiful mugs. Wait! I don't make mugs, maybe that's why I'm not unloading a kiln :)
    Very beautiful mugs! Makes me wish I made mugs..... sigh.

  2. Showed this picture to my beau, and said how amazing your glazes are, and he began singing, "Amazing glaze . . ."

  3. "Amazing glaze . . ." HA! Good one!

    Tracey, I went for years without making mugs. I really enjoy making them, but just never seemed able to fit them in my schedule. I plan on doing better next year.

  4. You've got un-clobbering down pat. Thanks for the new vocabulary word, I can't wait to put it to use.