Friday, April 15, 2016


I've been thinking some about the idea that when we try to describe something that's really hard to get our minds around, we sometimes settle too quickly on words that come close but just miss.

I'm thinking that's the case with "accident" when applied to creative arts -- particularly pottery. I'm thinking maybe, rather than "accidental", it's "incidental" we're thinking of. After all, we've set about with a goal to add something to the universe of ideas -- the impetus was there. We took the action...

And then something incidental to our practiced manipulations of medium occurred that made the work transcendent. The fire spoke.  The clay added a word or two.

But it wasn't an accident. It was the incidental result of participation in the creative process. And I think it's that interjection that keeps us coming back to creating again and again. We like the "otherness" that happens incidental to our control and intention.

I think we might also misuse of the word "experience" when discussing religion. I think "experience" misses the mark. I don't think true religion is looking for an experience at all. I'm thinking that religion is actually looking for an "encounter".

Words matter.  Sometimes they need fine tuning or I get confused.  Or I don't get what I'm after.  I'll try not to describe a hot dog when what I really want is a bratwurst.


  1. Sometimes there are no words, or, not enough words, big words, or small ones. They are powerful. They can build mountains, or, take you down narrow paths.
    Believe, create, growth,then there is the whispers of words.
    Never stop.