Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kahuna & Wahine

I have again snuck in a little computer time from the hapless John Bauman, who is off loading a kiln full of pots and not watching the computer which is why I, Breeze, have commandeered computer central to tell about my latest adventures and stuff.

I and Ariel, like, totally won the costume portion of the Halloween holiday proceedings at the training club Halloween party last night. ( a training club is where I and the most mischievous Ariel train the most excellent Dar to run around obstacles screaming at us. heh. )

The shorts tend to ride up a bit behind and then hang on my tail. I was, like, totally ready to bail on them by night's end. And as for standing on the board that John Bauman made out of duct tape and insulation board ... I, like, totally biffed it and stuff. No pictures of that, dude. Just me in bitchin shades, and Ariel in her total wahineness.


  1. Who kmew ALASKIN Malamutes liked the Hawaiian surf?

  2. Breeze, can you teach Jester to use the computer? I would love to show him just how lucky he is that I do not dress him up and make him talk funny!

  3. Did John play and sing "Surfer Girl" for Ariel?