Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Week. VERY Big Week

Back from the big St James Court Art Show this past weekend. The show was a smashing success again. I sold out of most of my new items (like the new gourd-topped casseroles), re-connected with old friends and faithful customers (the Louisville pottery buyer may be the most faithful in the country), met some new friends (like Jim Gottuso -- a fellow potter/blogger). It was a great weekend.

We got back home at about 1 AM Monday and then turned around and headed back to Indianapolis Monday night to see the Samoyed Nationals being held there. We attended the nationals because we wanted to see the pottery trophies we'd spent the last 1 1/2 years making. Here's the first public look at them:

Finally, I spent the entire day yesterday uploading pots to my etsy site for sale. The pots were selling as I was uploading them, so I intend to find time today to upload a few more.

The week was huge, it was busy, and we're tired!


  1. hi john, it was great to meet you at the fair... i wished that i could've sneaked away later so that we might have talked more. it's always pandemonium down there at st. james and with a 4 year old, it's difficult to relax but i'm glad you had so much success. it was obvious when we were there. it was nice to meet your wife too and i'm sorry i forgot her name, only that it started with a "d". the samoyed pieces look great too, congrats on the successful week

  2. Pandemonium is right. A dozen or so of us went off to the Paradise Cafe for dinner that night. All in all, a fun time. But St James is a difficult thing to pull off and socialize at the same time!

    I'd like to get back down your way and see the new kiln that Jeff built at UofL. We could do some better visiting then.

  3. ...BEAUTIFUL pottery...PRECIOUS pup...

  4. Thanks Nancy.

    That's my Breeze. He's got character to spare. Love that dog.