Monday, December 28, 2009

On The Pages

A very nice Holiday treat for me -- Christmas Eve I opened my mailbox to find the latest issue of Ceramics Monthly Magazine and found two pages of Bauman Stoneware -- inside. The magazine recently started what will be a regular feature called "Studio Visits". I was excited about the project and even more excited that they chose to feature my studio early on.


  1. hello is where i came across your work and have since had a full tour of your blog, website and etsy store. i really enjoy your work and your energy and your writing...looking forward to following your blog. i hope that you were pleased with the article.

  2. Hey Heidi,

    Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. And thanks for the kind words, too.

    I could hardly have been more tickled than I was with the article (<---art tickle. heh. I kill me.)

    My understanding was that I was to be in the first "Studio Visits", but because I was late in finding a photo of me in the shop (I'm always behind the camera) I didn't meet that deadline.

    Well, that delay served me well. I think the article ended up being longer than it would have had I been in the first edition of "Studio Visits" (there were more studios visited in the first issue). So that was a pleasant surprise.

    Also, it forced me to take a new self-portrait -- and Breeze surprised me by walking into it. Love that dog.

    I got a chance to look at your website -- nice site and very nice work. I'll have to bookmark and follow!

  3. congratulations john! i'm starting to think that something went wrong with my subscription because it has arrived yet and now i'm really itching to see it. good to see you in there.

  4. Hi Jim,

    Sunglasses probably ate the magazine as it came through the mail slot.

    The article is considerably longer and more indepth than the preview they ran in the Ceramics Daily a month or so back.

  5. ...CONGRATS John...what a nice way to round out ole 2009...

  6. Congrats!! Now I'll have to go buy the magazine! I bought one of your covered casseroles at the Columbus Arts Festival in about 2006, I'd guess. I still love it! Your new designs are gorgeous also.

  7. Diane,

    Thanks for the kind compliment, and I'm glad you're still enjoying the casserole. I hope I didn't talk your ear off at the Street Fair. I tend to gab a bit when a fellow potter introduces herself to me at a show.

    I've been kind of waiting until that show settles back into some stable location before I enter it again. I've been doing Cincinnati Summerfair for the past few years instead.

    Maybe I'll see you somewhere down the road.