Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Cool Mug

ANN: Oh my gosh, who IS the new guy?!

ALICE: New guy?

ANN: Yeah, who is that GREAT looking new guy over there by the coffee machine?

ALICE: You mean the guy holding that cool green mug?

ANN: Yeah, him. Who IS that guy?

ALICE: Why, he's not new. That's Bob.

ANN: Bob? Are you kidding me? THE Bob? ‘Bob’ the perennially-overlooked-for-advancement? Shows-up-at-the-company-picnic-alone Bob? THAT Bob? Are you kidding me?

ALICE: Yeah, that’s him. Amazing the difference a simple new mug can make.

ANN: Has he always had such white teeth? ….and his hair looks so shiny and manageable! Has he always been such a smart dresser?

ALICE: I couldn’t really tell you. Nobody ever noticed until he got that mug.

ANN: I’m asking him to the NEXT company picnic.

ABBEY: Get in line, sister. I noticed him first!

Bob’s cool new stoneware mug holds 14 ounces of coffee, tea, or whatever else Bob is drinking at the time. It’s not just got that cool herringbone hand-brushed wax resist pattern on the outside, it sports an even darker oribe green glaze on the inside.

Sure, it set Bob back $28………but not really. Bob bought four at once and only paid $88 for them. Shipping was included.

Don’t be uncool forever. Be like Bob. Stand out in a crowd for once in your life. Own the cool mug.


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  2. bob is cool indeed and someone is having fun with photoshop... love the following post about rejection. nice glamour shots there too. i've known enough jurors to know that the reasons are rarely anything that the artist could have changed even if he had known in advance.

  3. Great potter and great sense of humor!!

  4. Jim,

    That's not Photoshop. I have a time machine. Cary said that if I ran into Gottuso, say "Hi".

    ...and Pinet Pottery, I should make it clear that Cary Grant wasn't a potter. He just really liked my mugs. :^)