Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Preview

I've been firing like mad lately. And I'm as excited as I can be about the results. In the next few days I'll be uploading lots of pottery to my etsy site. Here's a preview.

I've also been mulling over some thoughts. The last few days, I've been streaming the ceramics workshops that are taking place at the NCECA conference. I'm itching to talk about 'em.

Here are some things that came out of the kiln this morning...


  1. Those look marvelous... The plates 3rd from the top are stunning!

    The streaming videos were a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks 'Ghost! I love that porcelain. Two years ago I switched to Coleman porcelain. It's the most forgiving porcelain I've ever worked with, and it throws as well as stoneware. I've been telling all my potter friends about it.