Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Big One. Sort Of.

Breeze stands blizzard watch
(Dar caught him with her phone camera through the back porch screen)

To snap the photo above, I had to shoulder the front door of my shop open. Even as I type this, there's a foot of crusty snow/ice mix blown up against it that I'm going to have to shovel away. The drift in the photo begins at the shop door and continues the 20-30 feet to the front gate.

During my college years, the old hard brick pottery kiln was outdoors. The burners were simple air-mixer type burners made with pipe and fittings and a simple propane orifice, and they were connected to the 250 gallon propane tank with flexible hose. When we fired in the winter, we would light one of the burners and torch the entire area free of snow. It melted away like so many cobwebs beneath the flame of the burner. I've thought about rigging up the same system for around here. I've got a few extra burners and portable propane tank.

...Here, hold my beer and watch this.


Monday I escaped the shop and beat the oncoming weather to spend the day in Illinois with my friend, LJ Mattingly, playing music all day. I took my camera along to capture some of our play...


  1. Nice music! How do you keep callouses on your fingers when your hands are in clay/water so much?

  2. Nice tunes John! Is that one of those fancy guitar pickin' chairs I've seen advertised in the guitar magazines??

  3. Breeze looks like he is waiting for a harness a sled and a race to Nome.

  4. The chair is a Pick'N Glder and was given to me by my wife a few years ago. John always gets to it first because he is faster than me.
    He is a runner, you know.


  5. I type like I live--Fast with a lot of mistakes. The chair is a Pick'N Glider.