Monday, February 8, 2010


When I was little and I saw those album covers with "LIVE!" plastered on the front, I always read "LIVE" as the verb, not the adjective. My misreading changed the meaning of the album covers enough that I couldn't figure out why the band producing the album cover was giving me the imperative -- complete with exclamation point -- to do what I was already fairly determined to do anyway. Live. So I assumed those album covers were meant to be read "LIVE (implied: WITH GUSTO)!" ...thereby reflecting a quality of life, and not just getting by with any old life living.

Boy, was I embarrassed to myself when I realized that the word echoing around in my head should have been read "LIVE!" and not "LIVE!” I blush just thinking about it. But since I never told anyone before, I mostly just blushed internally. You couldn't really tell by looking at me that I was or am blushing.

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