Sunday, February 21, 2010

A New And Serious Challenger

Breeze and Ariel have to face the fax, Jax....

They're with the big dogs now. These guys (like the two Virginians sleeping soundly on the hardwood) have weight pulling titles. That means they work themselves up to some SERIOUS slumber.

Witness this Podolak dog after a weight pull (note: like any tough cowboy who sleeps with his boots on, this tough guy dropped off with his harness still on!)

And their dear little Stormy could multi-task: Bathe and sleep at the same time. Hey, who hasn't fallen asleep in the bathtub? How can Breeze and Ariel hope to compete with such well-rounded somnathletes?!

So, here's a tandem snooze for the record books. Wake 'em at your peril -- They're likely to lick you in revenge. And there's nothing quite so slobbery as a face lick done in revenge.

I pity the poor Olympic judges who have to decide this contest.

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