Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scritch, Scritch, Scritch...

I and my most excellent mom and agility handler, Dar, took me to a agility match down in Lafayette, Indiana this weekend. Agility, as I have explained in the past, is where I get to run around, over, into, and under things as my mom runs beside me getting red in the face and screaming things and stuff.


As it is my job in life to rearrange John Bauman's and Dar Bauman's priorities totally -- help them stop from time to time to smell stuff that should be smelled, scratch what needs scratching, as well as smile more often and broader and stuff...

...I decided to take a bit of a mid-course break on this agility run.

Since I still qualified with about 10 seconds to spare, Dar was happy with this run and stuff. Unfortunately, John Bauman stopped the camera before it could record our victorious end zone dance during which people clapped, hugged me and stuff, and gave me cheese and meat products.


All in a day's work, folks. All in a day's work.

Breeze Bauman


  1. sofia loves the video... breeze is one smart dog, amazing

  2. Go Breeze Go. It's too bad your Mom doesn't get to jump and climb. What a bummer.

  3. Yea Dar and Breeze!!!

  4. Thanks Jim and Ne-Ne!

    Michael, Breeze says that if Dar would keep a leash on him, he'd be more than happy to see that she got to jump and climb and stuff right along with him!