Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Carter Is Right

Just a bit larger (about 12" diameter) than the prototypes of last week, I took Carter's advice and tried handles on the newest bowls. I like 'em. I intend to get quite a few made by my July shows.
In addition to a dozen larger pumpkins and four more basket/bowls and some square baking dishes, I finished the turban gourds that I started before I left for Indianapolis to participate in the Talbot Street Art Fair...

Here's my set up at Talbot Street. It had just stopped raining and was beginning to get VERY muggy. Tens of thousands of the Indianapolis faithful art show patrons still braved the horrid weather and though it wasn't my best Talbot Street, it was still a good show.

We battled weather all weekend -- from the heat during the days, to the late afternoon thunderstorms that kept me on the site babysitting my booth until late at night (just to reassure myself that nothing was destroyed). And, finally (and very thankfully) Dar made the 100 mile trip to help me pack it in on Sunday -- thereby avoiding the worst storm of the weekend. We got packed in just minutes before the sky just opened up. The visibility, due to the downpour, was so bad that cars were pulled off to the side of the road for the first twenty miles of the trip home.

Talbot Street has always sort of been my "home show". I grew up in Indianapolis and Talbot Street Art Fair was my first outdoor show ever (1979).

We got home late and tired. Breeze showed the way upstairs to bed...

...way upstairs...


  1. Love Breeze!
    Love your pots.
    Love your posts.
    Love your posts about pots not flying in the breeze.