Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kneel Jung

Man I really like Neil Young. Nice to see him doing something new these days, I mean, I really liked his early stuff - you know - "Shilo" and "Kentucky Woman", "Crunchy Granola". Great voice an' all.

Hey, that wasn't Neil Young! That's Neil Diamond!

Oh...okay. So I really like "The Goodbye Girl" .ha ha..remember Dreyfus sitting on the bed naked playing his guitar and Marsha Mason asks him "Are you decent?" and he...

Hey man, that's Simon!!!

Oh. Hey I really like him too, man! I wonder if he's still crazy after .

NO! not PAUL Simon! I mean that's NEIL Simon!!

Neil Simon wrote "Still Crazy After All These Years"? ? Man, that cat's versatile..

Jeez, no, I mean Neil Simon wrote the Goodbye Girl .you know? The play made into a movie?

Yeah, I heard they were doing some kinda dramatic stage thing on the new tour.

New tour? Whaddaya mean, "New Tour"?

You know, Neil Young's new tour. I heard there's some kinda, you know, drama.

So now we're back to Neil Young?

Yeah man. Isn't that what we were talking about?'l bit of trivia here - did you know he wrote that "Love Will Keep Us Together" that the Captain and Tennille recorded?

No. I did not know that BECAUSE IT IS NOT TRUE! That was Neil SEDAKA you rube!

HEY! TenNEIL..NEIL you suppose they were, you know, married or brother and sister or something?

Yes. NEIL Sedaka and TenNEIL were married. *rolling eyes*

Hey, wait, you're wrong - Tennille was married to the Captain. I'm almost sure of it.

Well, you got me there.

Things can get kinda weird in this world you know? I mean just think of it - what are the chances? Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and I'll bet Neil Young has sung at least one song about the moon. It just doesn't get any weirder than that. That's probably one of those "syncronicity" things, y'know?

You mean like the fact that Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle had the same birthday?

I thought we were talking about Neil Young.

But you said something about coinci..oh, nevermind.

It's such a shame the four of 'em will never get together again. Man, what is it now? Two of 'em dead?

Two of WHO?!

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young!

THEY"RE NOT DEAD!! You idiot! You're thinking of the Beatles! Two of them are dead...

OH yeah! Paul and..

NO! Not Paul and. NOT Paul and. Paul was never DEAD! That was just a hoax. John and George are dead.

So I guess the Beatles are never going to get together again either?

Either? I just told you that Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young are still alive. I mean, theoretically THEY could still get together again.

Cool. You think they'd do any of Neil's early stuff? I really liked "Cracklin' Rosie".