Friday, June 11, 2010

Shapes Of Things To Come

My gourd garden grows pretty much year 'round. But I got an idea yesterday. The bowls above will be filled with gourds (without my long stem). I'm just trying to decide whether to glaze them all in place or have them loose in the bowl. If they're glazed in place, they need not have an unglazed side on which to fire them. Also, the centerpiece will stay arranged and if it gets dusty, the whole thing can be put in the dishwasher. Also, there need be no consideration for fragile ceramic gourds bumping each other if they are all glazed in place. So I'm leaning toward glazing them in place.

I'll probably make lots of bowls (without gourds) because I think they make pretty cool looking fruit (or bread) baskets too.

Of course, I make the mini-gourds for the casserole tops too...


  1. John, those are seriously beautiful as they are. Maybe its my prejudice toward function speaking, but I can easily see them on a counter top filled with fresh fruit, or even a whole mess of pasta on a dining room table. Just how big are they? Maybe handles on the sides? Wow do you make beautiful work!

  2. I've been an onscreen fan of your work for a while -the confident shapes, the effortless (looking) decoration, the fullness of each piece -but it is the gourds that are my absolute favourites. A bowlful would be fabulous. I can see it as a restrained, perhaps North American, interpretation of the florid and garish fruit, vegetable and seafood extravaganzas that I saw in Portugal a few years ago. Much easier to live with, for certain.

  3. Thanks to both of you! I'm getting anxious to see them done -- with and without gourds.