Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Joy Of Soft Clay

20 inch stoneware bowls

I finally got a ton of soft clay. As a matter of course, my clay supplier mixes stoneware too hard for my liking. I can get by, but when it comes to throwing bigger pieces (10lbs or more), I get tired just thinking about throwing when I know that the clay is stiff.

But this new batch is soft enough that I can even wedge 15lbs without much trouble. And so I got around to making some of my 20 inch bowls for the first time in a long time. Aside from the difficulty of throwing the stiff clay, during the winter months all my sales are online and, as such, I don't need the big bowls anyway. Their cost of shipping is almost equal to their retail price. So I just don't get around to them anyway.

Sure is nice to make them again, though. That's probably how I'll spend the rest of the day.

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