Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Light From Nowhere

I did a double-take. I don't remember paying extra for the kiln with the interior light. (is it like a refrigerator's? Is it still lighted when the door is closed?).

I was walking through the kiln barn on my way to retrieve the lawnmower (it's Springtime!). The interior of the barn was so dark I had to watch my footing as I stepped into that din from the bright outdoors. But there to my left was a bright light. The kiln.

The kiln?

A single ray from the sun and through the nearby window was illuminating only the open kiln. The sun didn't touch anything else in the barn. All else was dark.

I stood there and watched it for a long moment. The oddest things fascinate me.


  1. yes it's amazing - one spring day when we were firing our gas kiln and I opened the spy around 3 pm near the end of the firing, the sun shone directly into the spy, illuminating the cones clear as day, even though without the sun we had a hard time seeing cone 10, having to blow in or shut down the kiln momentarily. No wonder they built Stonehenge.

    1. There are times I've tried everything to see the cones -- setting them in front of bricks, setting them in front of nothing, setting them closer to the peep hole, setting them further back, setting them at an angle that shows two sides of the cones instead of one, blowing on the cones, opening the damper.

      I never thought of sun control.