Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bluer Than Blue

Perhaps my favorite song introduction comes from Joel Mabus when he introduced his famous (and hilarious) "Duct Tape Blues". He said:

"I grew up in East Saint Louis. Now, I'm not going to say the blues were born in East Saint Louis....but that IS where their mother got pregnant."

Whoever coined the word "blue" to refer to a general melancholy never anticipated the day I would pull this mug from the kiln. It's blue, alright. But what a cheerful blue! Azure. Sky Blue. 

(ever noticed that "Blue Skies" is ironically written in a minor key, giving away that its upbeat lyric is actually masking the writer's broken heart? I think about these things.).

Anyway, blue or cheerful, sad or gay, I threw this mug from fine English porcelain and fired it high to ensure you a lifetime of enjoying it. The sides are carved away in a pattern that at once looks very regular, but upon continued inspection reveals my hand-to-eye imperfections. That adds a charm and the ability to see something new every day.

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