Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last Few Days

A few posts back I pictured some pitchers I had just thrown, I got a few more done that evening, and I thought I'd show how I finished some of the newer ones.

I mentioned that I'd be finishing the platters that I threw that same day as pumpkin plates. Here's a process shot of how I finish those...

Starting on Saturday, I got the following pots made. Starting with pie plates...

I finished some with this rim and swirl pattern. Simple as can be. I'll do some in the red glaze and some in the green...

Others I finished with this weave designed rim. Of these, some will have the swirl on the inside. Others will have a new glaze dot pattern I've been imagining for some time now...

The day I trimmed and decorated the pie plates, I started work on these casseroles. The first has a new lid idea -- echoing the pattern on the base in the center of the lid, with the handle arching over it.

Last fall I started doing these lids with a herringbone weave instead of the basket weave I'd been using. Yesterday's came out nice. I like the contrast with the undecorated base. It gives me the illusion of being able to reach into the basket -- as though it might as easily be seen concave as convex.

All in all, a productive couple of days around the pottery.


  1. WoW... the complexities involved are amazing. That's a lot of work going through the pipe and it's always looks great!
    I'm fixated on your rims...

  2. Thanks!

    I often find work very hypnotic when I start working on the details. To me, that's one of the most enjoyable aspects of working in clay.

  3. good grief that is a bundle of detailed pots made in a couple of days--that's what decades of hard work do for you. really inspiring, john. this is a busy time of year for most of us, i suspect. i live 2 miles from glacier national park which is celebrating their centennial this year and expecting bucketloads of visitors. this is also the time of year when i can start working outside (which is my favorite thing ever) so it is challenging to put in the big days in the shop that are necessary right now...sigh.

  4. Nice location! Right outside the park. I hope lots of pottery buyers come your way.

    Dar and I both like working outside when we can. I have work tables set up outside the back door of the shop. Two of them seem to be in use all the time. The third allows the dogs to hop up and look in the back window of the shop and tell us they want in.

    We've had a cool but beautiful Spring so far. I scotchbrite the pots outside -- saves TONS of dust from getting into the shop. I also spray outside.