Friday, April 30, 2010

Soup Mug Update


  1. Beautiful! Love the swelling forms, the fat rims, the handles, but those surfaces are lush!

  2. The decoration of these is awesome!

  3. Fetishgost said it all; I'm drooling al over my keyboard...... gorgeous!!!!

  4. Great design and texture! Is that just trailed slip made out of the same clay?

  5. Thanks! You all are so kind.

    When I was young I went to a David Leach workshop. It was something he said that changed my pottery from then on. He said that he thought a good pot will seem to be more animated -- will come alive -- if it appears to have been inflated from within.

    When I heard him say that, things clicked in my mind. It was an insight into why I was more attracted to some shapes than to others. That animation. That "inflated" look.

    It was some time later that I started trying to achieve that look even in things (like bowls) that are only semi-spherical.

    The slip I use is just a simple stoneware slip, but it's not the same as my clay body. I use a slip that is:

    85% Gold Art
    15% OM4
    5% Soda Feldspar

    It only works on clay that still has moisture in it (not on bone dry clay)

  6. have to chime in here to say the bowls are absolutely beautiful. i love that slip design, gorgeous!

  7. I shouldn't have posted my slip recipe without checking. I didn't remember it correctly. It's:

    Gold Art 8500 grams
    Flint 1500 grams
    Soda Feldspar 500 grams
    OM4 2000 grams